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Experience unforgettable vacations with Lettingsaway

the ultimate travel companion for creating cherished memories together

Connecting Property Owners and Renters.

Lettingsaway has been providing top-quality accommodation services for over five years. Our team is dedicated to connecting property owners with renters to create a seamless and efficient rental experience.

Our platform offers a wide range of rental properties, from apartments to houses to condos and more. Whether you’re a property owner looking to list your space or a renter searching for the perfect place to call home, Lettingsaway has you covered.

Safe, User-Friendly Rental Platform.

We pride ourselves on our user-friendly platform, which allows property owners to easily list their properties and renters to easily search for and book their ideal rental. Our support team is also available to assist with any questions or concerns throughout the rental process.

At Lettingsaway, we’re committed to providing a safe and secure platform for all of our users. We conduct thorough background checks on all property owners and renters to ensure that our platform is free of fraudulent activity.

Thank you for choosing Lettingsaway for your rental property needs. We look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come.

LettingsAway: Your gateway to Exceptional Vacation Rental and Unforgettable Experience.

Welcome to Lettings Away, a premier vacation rental company and a proud child company of Felda Rental Services Private Limited. With a decade of experience in the offline market, Felda Rental Services transitioned to the online realm, leading to the birth of Lettings Away. Our journey began with the domain name, but our commitment to providing an attractive and memorable online presence led us to rebrand as

Having established a strong presence in the European Union’s offline market, Felda Rental Services forged invaluable partnerships with numerous local agencies across countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, and many more. These alliances enabled us to build a robust client base and gain deep insights into the travel preferences of diverse cultures and destinations.

With the launch of, we seamlessly integrated our offline expertise and local agency partnerships into an innovative online platform. This transition allowed us to cater to a broader audience, welcoming both our loyal clientele from the local agencies and a growing online community of travelers seeking exceptional vacation rentals.

At Lettings Away, we take pride in our curated selection of properties that have been meticulously chosen to provide unmatched comfort, style, and convenience. Our online platform showcases a diverse range of accommodations, including exquisite beachfront villas, idyllic countryside retreats, and chic city apartments. Each property reflects our commitment to quality and ensures a memorable stay for our valued guests.

We understand that planning a vacation can be overwhelming, which is why our dedicated team of travel experts is readily available to assist you. Whether you are searching for the perfect getaway, need personalized recommendations, or require assistance during your stay, our knowledgeable professionals are here to provide expert guidance and support.

At Lettings Away, we believe in fostering meaningful connections between travelers and the destinations they visit. We embrace the essence of each location, encouraging cultural immersion and local experiences. Through our online platform, we provide not just accommodations but also a gateway to unforgettable adventures and authentic encounters that go beyond the ordinary.

As we embark on this new chapter, we remain dedicated to upholding the values of Felda Rental Services Private Limited – trust, reliability, and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations. We continue to evolve and innovate, driven by our passion for creating extraordinary travel experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Choose Lettings Away as your trusted partner in finding the perfect vacation rental. Discover the world of and embark on a journey of exceptional hospitality, personalized service, and remarkable destinations. Let us be the key to unlocking unforgettable memories for your next getaway.

Services, Billing and Server offices.

  • United States (Services)

201 Spear St # 1100, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States

  • India (Billing)

26, Second Floor, Building Number 6, Badarpur, New Delhi 110044, India

  • France (Servers)

26 Rue Raymond Queneau, Paris, Ile-de-France, 75018, France

  • Denmark (Services and Billing)

 Regus Frederiksborggade 15, 3rd floor, 1360 København, Denmark


Monday – Friday

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m


You are also welcome to send us an email at any time .


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